• Moderate your Twitch chat
  • Moderate your Discord Server
  • Chat with your Twitch chat/Discord

all inclusive from $149

  • Schedule future posts for you so you look active on Socials (IG + Twitter) 
  • Answer DMs/Comments
  • Comment on other posts/profiles that you follow

$195 per month

Social Media Management



  • $50 Custom logo / Profile Banner / 5 Panels

New Discord for your server? 

  • Bot that announces when you stream
  • Change Discord user roles if LIVE on Twitch
  • Discord channels - Private/Hidden channels
  • Discord Text Channels - Categories
  • Server profile photos


Discord Setup

I can create static or animated overlays. 

  • $30 for stream overlay
    • Webcam Overlay
    • Starting Soon Screen
    • BRB Screen
    • Stream Offline Screen
    • Profile Banner
    • 5 Twitch Panels
  • + $15 for overlay animation


Custom Emotes

Tiktok, Youtube Shorts or Videos, IG Reels, etc.

Can add sound effects, overlay images, cut to music, and more!


Video Editing



Keep the videos rolling...


Social Media